Certificates for Netsweeper 2022

Certificates for Netsweeper 2022

The current Ekte SSL certificate is due to expire at the end of January 2022. Fortunately, this coincides with a planned upgrade of our Netsweeper Cloud Infrastructure, which increases the functionality of our service, offering the ability for schools to deploy both transparent and agent based Web Filtering and also requires a new certificate to be installed. 

Consequently, we are asking you to install TWO new SSL Certificates, to avoid duplicate work within a short timeframe. 

The new certificates can safely be deployed alongside with the existing ones and will automatically be used when the current ones expire. 

We recommend installing the certificates immediately. It is one job to tick off the list and get out of the way before Christmas. 

If you have any question / queries please do not hesitate to contact the Support Team at ekte either by email [email protected] or phone 0333 344 6501 

Please pass the following information to your Onsite Technician / IT Support and ensure that they install the new certificates before 15th January 2022

Certificates can be found here


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